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Åmot ungdomsskoles nettsider!


Pupils from Åmot Lower Secondary read for
the olders at Ryslingmoen

Arman, Roger, Heidi, Irene, Ida and Aina. They were at the senior citizens home, Ryslingmoen and was reading from Vidar Sandbeck's books. The teachers Jan and Berit was going along. First they read for they daycare-department, where 8 senior-citizens listened. Roger read from "Fy skamm deg". That was Sandbecks first book where Sandbeck tells a bit about himself. Irene, Ida and Aina read from "Stakkars kroken". The pupils read a bit quiet in to start with, but became louder as they got warm. Heidi read from "Stakkars oss" , that tells about difference between classes and poverty in the old days. They were also on the 3rd floor in Ryslingmoen.



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