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Katrine and Gina writes a biography about Vidar Sandbeck at the age of 40-60.

Kristin and Mona  are finding information about the 20 schools in the old days in Åmot.

Mona and Kari is making a timeline for political happenings in Åmot. It's quite interresting, they state in comment but won't have a picture of themselves in the webpages.

Kent Roger and Roar have interviewed a lady at the age of 82 and asked how it was to live back in the old days. Kent Roger leave the PC to Roar, to handle us: "The pressguys".



The political Conditions group is going to find out how Åmot was the days when Vidar Sandbeck was a young man. They have interviewed older people who were telling about conditions and tradiotions. They also made the biography of Vidar Sandbeck aged 40-60 years old. 


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