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Åmot ungdomsskoles nettsider!



Stage, scenery and costumes

This groups task was to make an put up everything of stage, scenery and costumes, and they did it well!!

The scenery was made in the art-room, the first time we visited them some of the pupils were painting on cartboard, who was going to be the background of the stage with the maintheme "Menuet in May". The background was done on Wednesday and was very fine.

-PE Room
In the PE room scenery was also made, the first thing we saw was a house. They weren't shure wether it was going to be a pink house or a house with tapestry. Wednesday it was decided it was going to be pink. But the house wasn't really stable so they had to put it better together. The stage was rigged in the PE room where the cabaret is going to be performed Friday 26.04.02.

The costumes were very fine and are already done.  Lurvelegg the troll has gotten clothings and extra heads. The girls in this group have been very fine sewing ladies.




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