Level 4 - The Nobel Peace Prize - General aspects

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1 The first Nobel Prizes was awarded in the year..
2 The first Peace Prize was divided equally between:

3 The Nobel committee of five members (elected for a six year term) is appointed by the:
4 Members of the committee can not be re-elected True     False
5 The new chairmann (since 2003) of The Norwegian Nobel Committee is:
6 So far all committee members have been Norwegians True     False
7 The Secretary to the Committee and Director of the Nobel Institute is:
The Nobel Peace Prize for 2002
was amounted to:

9 Out of the five Nobel Committee members, there are three are women: True     False
10 A Norwegian has never received the Nobel Peace Prize: True     False
11 The actual peace prize ceremony is held in the:
12 Who presents the diploma and the medal to the Peace Prize winner?
13 Former Nobel Peace Prize laureates can not nominated candidates to the prize True     False
14 What has become a tradition in the last year’s to honour the Peace Prize winner?
Who performed “Georgia On My Mind” to honour laureate Jimmy Carter in Oslo, december 2002?


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