QUIZ - Alfred Nobel

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1 Which Swedish city?
In which swedish city was Alfred
Nobel born?

2 When Alfred Nobel was eight years old, he moved abroad, but to which country?
3 When Alfred Nobel returned to Sweden in 1863 he began to work as:
4 Alfred Nobel got most of his education at:
5 At the age og 17, Alfred was fluent in several languages. How many?
6 One of Alfred Nobels greatest and most famous inventions was:
7 Alfred Nobel became one of the wealthiest men in Europe due to his many useful (and unusual) patents. How many patents did he wound up?
8 Why Norway?Out of Alfred Nobel’s prizes, only the Peace prize is awarded by a norwegian committee. Why? He never told anybody why – we can only speculate.. True     False
9 Alfred Nobel died at his home in Italy on december 10th, but what year?
10 In Alfred Nobel’s will his fortune was to be used for prizes. But how many?

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