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eSchoolnet > Practice > 2. Everyday Life at School 1> Schooling for tomorrow? What can be learnt from the best practices

Schooling for tomorrow? What can be learnt from the best practices

The first phase of the eWatch study is concluded and we are reflecting on our experience of close collaboration with innovative schools spread out over all Europe.

Within the eWatch framework schools have presented themselves, showing in real terms their use of ICT in their every day life. They have analyzed their efforts, their successes and their failures in improving learning as well as their approaches to managing teachers' and pupils' life within the school. Part of such analysis can be seen in the "ICT how and where documents" they have created which provide us with lively self-portraits of today's educational world.

Among the peculiarities and differences due to national culture and school organization as well as to school type and level, some common roles and trends can be recognized, that provide an outline of how a successful European school might be organized in the future.

We have chosen not to examine the controversial topic of difference concerning future European curriculae or school systems. School autonomy and local variance may be on the increase in education, but this does not exclude schools contributing to the further development of the common European cultural, political and social framework. However , this is not the focus of this study, we discuss school buldings, school communities, every day schoolife, within the school organization.

In looking at the schools we have chosen just some examples among wide variety of material sent to us. Some of this is presented in with images, and some with URL links.

The full report of all the schools can be found here

Let us enter then our "European school"

School environmentStaff roomSpecialist roomServices roomLearning environment
Do you see? There are only four rooms: the staff management room, the learning environment, the specialist room and the services room. Who is working there and what are they doing?

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Author: Annamaria Fichera
Web Editor: Magnus Saemundsson
Published: Thursday, 6 Jun 2002
Last changed: Tuesday, 11 Jun 2002
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