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Norwegian Teachers and Pupils Receive Palmtops
Author: Alexa Joyce

Two classes of 14 year old pupils and their teachers at Amot Lower Secondary School in Norway have received palmtop computers for their school activities. The school competed with others to be chosen by the Network for IT Research and Competence in Education to receive the equipment. Teachers and pupils in the scheme will research how pocket PCs can improve pupil motivation and engagement in the learning process.

Amot Lower Secondary School is a member of the European Network of Innovative Schools (ENIS) and was chosen for the project among many other schools in Norway. In the application, the teachers stressed that they wanted pupils and teachers to work together more effectively, on a more equal level and in a fun and playful environment.

Going Wireless

Once they received approval of their project, the teachers at the school made a selection process, and finally the Hewlett Packard iPAQ h5455 Pocket PC was chosen. This palmtop includes wireless Internet access.

Pupils will get the chance to use the pocket PCs for a range of activities, from noting results during science experiments, to accessing their own digital portfolios on the school server from wherever they are in the school.

New and Original Activities

Other interesting activities could include instant messaging, video conferencing and much more. As the teachers themselves say:
'We think handhelds have potential to be used in new and original ways. We don't yet know the potential.'

Read more about the project on the Amot School website.

Amot School's Report (in English)

European Network of Innovative Schools

Author: Alexa Joyce
Web Editor: Alexa Joyce
Published: Monday, 10 Feb 2003
Last changed: Monday, 3 Feb 2003
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