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eSchola and Amot secondary school – showcase of examples

New and unique possibilities in the 21 century
Through 4 examples will try to show that students and teachers now live in a world which gives them unique new possibilities. Internet has changed the world and the schools. New technology is transforming the schools and has in many cases necessitated rethinking of traditional pedagogical practices. The technological development and Internet have given schools in Europe the possibility to develop new teaching practices in order to engage, motivate and inspire young students.

Birkebeinerrennett and World cup in cross country skiing 2002

Students from the school have made an Internet magazine from the event. We have translated the magazine to English. The students are

  • web journalists
  • web photo journalists
  • web video journalists

We have written about, have taken many photos and have video interviews with many well known cross country stars, among them

  • Thomas Alsgaard – Olympic gold winner from Norway
  • Bente Skari – Olympic gold medal winner from Norway
  • Per Elofsson – World cup winner from Sweden
  • Stefania Belmondo – double Olympic gold winner from Italy
  • Gabriella Paruzzi –Olympic gold winner from Italy
  • Giorigio Di Centa – cross country skier from Italy 
  • Pietro Cotterer – cross country skier from Italy
  • Mikhail Botvinov – from Austria and bronze medal in Salt Lake City

The Birkebeiner race 2002



The Noble prize to FN and Kofi Annan and Nobelprize arrangements

In December Amot secondary school edited the Norwegian web based paper Ungdomsavisa. This is a nationally paper and one school has the editorial responsibility for 1 month. We decided that our focus this month should be the the Noble prize arrangements in Oslo. During 5 days in Oslo we covered the events and we will we try to showcase what we did. All the written articles will not be translated into English, but we we will try to show what we did through pictures and video. Among the highlights are:

  • Kofi Annan – press conference
  • Aung San Suu Kyi – arrangement with support to this remarkable woman. Among the participants were the former Nobel prize winners and well known artists as U2 and Mari Boine.    
  • Rigoberta Menchu – interview
  • Press conference with artists – among them Meryl Streep, Liam Neeson, Anastacia, Nathalie Imbruglia, Barbara Hendricks etc.
  • Concert with world known stars – among them Paul McCartney and Wyclef Jean

The Nobel Peace Prize Centennial


Open doors during eSchola - Vidar Sandbeck – a Norwegian author and singer

In week 17 the whole school were engaged in a project about Vidar Sandbeck – a famous author, singer and musician in Norway - who now is an old man (80) living in our local society. He is well-known in Norway, but not abroad. We will present the author, his books, songs, the historical background for his books and songs and the project at our homepage. During the period before and through the week the pupils produced and

  • presented a cabaret containing Vidar Sandbecks lyrics and music.

We feel that as a school in the middle of Sandbeck-land we have a responsibility to present Sandbeck to the world. We will also have several projects working with Sandbecks works and his person.

The Vidar Sandbeck project


Online e-learning tool

As a project in our study in pedagogic in open learning we (Hildegunn and Åshild) are working on a e-learning tool about wild animals in our surroundings. Here we and our students will publish facts and information about animals who lives in our area. We will also make exercises, quiz’s, games and projects which help the students to learn as much as possible about the different animals and animal family’s.

On this pages we like to invite you to tell us about the wild animals in your home area, and to make exercises, quiz’s, games and projects witch fits to the animals you presents fore us. Our goal is that our students can find friends in other countries and exchange knowledge and work together on projects. We hope that after a while we can find most  animals in the whole world here.

The English site is still under translation and both the Norwegian and English sites are for the time being prototypes.

Front page Norwegian

Front page English


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