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What kind of influence does the internet have at our daily life?

By Hanne H. Olden and Quentin Van Roos

We’ve had a research at the Worlddidac today, trying to find out what people think about the internet and the use of this tool, and what kind of influence internet has on our daily life. 

The results showed that there are two different groups of opinions, one that thinks that internet influences our life style, and one that believes that it doesn’t.  The first ones are afraid that the internet will take over the world and delete the social life.  These people think that things like voting on the internet is wrong, and not trustable.  The other part means that the internet is only a tool, not a life style.  They also mean that for example voting on the internet would be good.  Both of the groups agree that the internet is full of risks.

We also asked what they thought of internet as a free land of speech.  No one controls what’s being written on the internet, and things that may have a bad influence on people could be written.  People think that this might be a problem, but they also know that it would be very hard to avoid it. 

Another bad thing about the internet is the porno you can find there.  People look at this as a problem, because there are a lot of children at the internet who can get into the porno sites.  There’s no censure at the internet, and children might see things that can have a bad influence.  A way of avoiding this problem, is to make sure that you have to pay to see a porno site.  There are also some people who think that porno on the internet is not a problem, because the internet is not the only place where people have access to pornography. 

Even though there are many risks and problems at the internet, people mostly think that the world is better when we have the internet.  But we have to be careful. 


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