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Written by Jasna Avdagic and Giovanni Supino  

What we wanted to find out was if teachers wanted to use
Internet as a new way of teaching. We asked people questions 
like: are teachers ready to change their way 
of teaching? Can Internet be used at school as a source of 
information?Are schools giving the same opportunities to 
boys and girls? Are the teachers too conservative when it 
comes to use of Internet at school? We also asked them 
how they think Internet can change our way of teaching. 

We went out and looked for teacher and students who could 
answer our questions. 

At first we interviewed two female teachers. According to 
them the Internet will not change the way of teaching. 
At least they hope not. On the other hand they think that it 
is okay to use Internet as an information source, in school 
and that the kids get Internet and computer education at a 
very early age. But they donít want the computer to substitute 
the pen and the paper. They also think that boys and 
girls receive the same opportunities, at school when it 
comes to Internet.  

Then we met a young male student. Now he is studying to be 
a teacher. When we asked him if he thought Internet would 
change the way of teaching, he replied that this was 
impossible: the teachers will not be replaced. Even thought 
he does not think the school will change, he wants the 
teachers and pupils to use more Internet at school.
He thinks 
itís very important for kids to learn how to use Internet and 
computers at a very early age.Moreover, he stated that 
teachers are not able to do this job, yet because they 
canít use a computer themselves. He also said that Internet 
access at his school is good but it is not used for an educative 
aim because the teachers donít have enough competence. 

 Our next interview object was a 19 year-old female student. 
To our questions  she answered that she wouldnít want a 
computer to change the way of teaching. 
In her opinion, the human contact between teachers and pupils 
is essential. She also stated that Internet can be defined as a 
good information source and must be used at school. She 
thinks that teachers are willing to use the computers but they 
donít know how (especially the older teachers). 

Finally, we interviewed an old female teacher. She believes 
that schools need more computers but the old fashion way of 
teaching must not disappear. She thinks that teachers arenít 
able to use a computer and they should get training. When we 
asked her if boys and girls receive equal opportunities when 
it comes to Internet, she said that boys and girls should attend 
different computer courses in separated classes. 

After these interesting interviews our conclusion is that the 
majority of the teachers want to use Internet at school but 
they donít want it to completely take over. In our opinion, 
both schools and teachers arenít ready to change the way of 
teaching completely. 

Schools will surely change but this will take a long time. 

Maybe in ten years we can ask the same questions and the 
answers will be different from todays. 


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