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Welcome to Rena and Åmot  Secondary School!

Proposals from Åmot Secondary School (the teacher) at Worldidac2000 for the Åmot ungdomskole day.


  • Aim  – to show the importance of or discussing European citizenship on Internet with regards to youth and gender
  • 2 students from each country is collaborating with articles
  • Result – to produce 1 or 2 articles illustrated with photographs
  • You must find out what to write about or examine
  • Publish articles on our server, later we can eventually publish on a more neutral site
  • I can help with pictures and publishing the articles on the web
  • Organize your work so that always one or two are at the stand

 Moments (just to give some ideas)  
Internet in all classrooms
Internet and laptops to every student
High speed Internet access to all schools and all homes
Use of Internet in political campaigns
Digital divide – those who have high speed access and those who haven’t
Censorship on Internet
Censorship in schools (filtering programs)
Teachers who refuse their students to use Internet because they are“old fashioned”
Sites for the youth
Take courses on Internet instead for being at school at half the time
Vote on Internet
Internet and gender
Who is dominating Internet?
Can the common student express his/her opinion on Internet
Do men dominate Internet?
Do the middle class and upper class dominate Internet?
Free Internet cafés
Internet for communication
Internet and information
Internet for collaborative projects
Can Internet promote European citizenship?
Can students be teachers and teachers students in the classroom?
Can Internet promote international cooperation?
Internet and the 3 world!
Experiences from our project!! (Hanne and Jasna)
Privacy on Internet – Can CIA, your head teacher and your boss read your email?
Further proposals - cooperate with Adrian (friend of Jasna and Hanne) and his team of students.
Can we do a little “research” today?

 Proposals and moments from you: (just as brainstorming)


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