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 We have asked 6 persons of Worlddidact exposition the following questions:

1/ Is Internet spliting up our society?

2/ Is the gap between riches and poors growing?

3/ Is Internet increasing the generation gap?

4/ Is the third world becoming poorer thanks to Internet?

 We can make these conclutions:

People believe in the usefulness of Internet but they think that everybody don’t have to make an abuse of that. They think that there are ways and ways to use Internet and only if you don’t stay every day in front of your computer and you even have a society’s life its use could be a good use. For example you can buy products on Internet but we could lose the human contact that are very important for the society ‘s life.

 They think that today there is a gap between riches and poors but as Internet will become cheaper and cheaper, no bords there will be and everybody can use Internet for informations and for learning.

 They say that today there’s a gap between young and old people but this difference won’t exist no more in the future because of  the large use of computers and Internet. Everybody will learn how to use the new technology and even the older people will know how to do.

 At the last question they have answered that Internet is not the most important problem into the differences between Europe and America and the third world, in fact there are political and economic problems that are more important than Internet.

In Africa the Occidental world tries to introduce the new technologies in the villages building stractures in which people can go and use computers.


                                                                                        CHIARA & MARIE.

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