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Sandra Crapper -The role of ICT in the UK education system

Sandra and Jasna

Sandra Crapper works in " Belle" which is an only women organisation, that works for educating boys and especially girls and women. Educating girls and women for the Millennium and beyond. Sandra tells us that education is important for everybody and for the whole nation. The British Government will now invest more money in education. "Invest in human capital will be the foundation of success in the knowledge based global economy." This is where the power lies, in education.

In England they have sexschools, pure girls and pure boys schools. And the parents of those children want them to go, to pure girl and boy schools, because they think that their children will learn more and will not be distracted. In these sexschools girls have the best learning results, also in areas like technology. In the lower school this is a compulsory subject both for girls and boys, but when girls go to different universities they chose classes like art and acting, while boys chose technology and ICT.

The Government now want to give everybody equal access to technology. Equal access to learn. So the Government has developed a new project to modernise the English school system and specially ICT. They have called the project National Grid for Learning (NGfL).

The English Government has a goal to reach by the year 2000.£700-mil will be used on schools and ICT, during 4 years. All schools will be connected to the NGfL. One of the goals is excellence in cities. Witch means, support to the bright children, city learning centre, a place where pupils can go for individualised curriculum and attempt to get girls more interested in technology.

The working situation for women is not good in today's England. Men make more money on the same jobs that women work with. Women do not get the same opportunity for further education. There are also some barriers when it comes to women choosing to work with technology. Some of them are that they have never met a lady engineer, it is hard for a woman to get the same position she had in the job before she left it, maybe because of pregnancy or sickness. Training outside workinghours maybe something they can not be a part of because of obligation at home. All of these reasons matter when it comes to women choosing technology as a way of living. The English Government wants to do something with the barriers that stop women from choosing these professions. They want to give women better training in things they otherwise do not get the opportunity to attend. These courses will be only for women. An other thing is that women do not dear to og back to their old job, when they have been absent, because of high technology, they are not familiar with. But the future looks brighter, and Belle hopes that the Human Capital will bee young ladies.

Written by Jasna 26.9.99


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